WayRay Holograktor ride hailing concept showcases advanced Augmented Reality tech

Swiss tech firm WayRay has unveiled its Holograktor concept, an all-electric ride hailing machine that features advanced augmented reality (AR) technology.

The 4.4-metre-long, three-seat EV can either be driven conventionally or be piloted remotely thanks to an on-board 5G internet connection and has been designed around its AR system providing users content they can consume, according to the firm.

WayRay says the Holograktor has been built to “highlight the maturing of the breakthrough holographic technology.” As a result, the car’s glazing incorporates AR tech, with the window glass showing the augmented reality overlay.

The hardware for the system is housed in a cowling on the car’s roof, called ‘The Shrimp’, containing the holographic system for the rear passenger. Projectors for the front occupants are housed in the dashboard.

A 2+1 seating layout with a throne-style rear seat is key to the concept’s design. At the car’s unveiling WayRay founder Vitaly Ponomarev said “It is the first car in history to be designed around content consumption and interaction, as well as holographic glazing.
“This is a car designed specifically for zoomers, it’s for people who want to play and want to create and consume content.“

The unusual single rear-seat layout was inspired by data showing that more than 80 per cent of Uber trips carry just one person, according to the brand. Ponomarev added that “The idea is you can choose Uber Black, Uber SUV or Uber Holograktor, and if you choose the Holograktor, your ride will be subsidised by sponsored content, so the price will be much lower.

“Every feature and design theme is driven by AR holography, including the Shrimp. The occupant in the back must look out of the windshield, which is why the driver and the passenger in the front seats are spaced out as much as possible.”
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